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She Makes Biz Talk

Dec 15, 2020

Sarah began her writing career whilst up doing the 3am feed with her new baby, her nightly musings led to the launch of her successful book which in turn led to another passion, copywriting, which she turned into a business.

Sarah talks of how she juggled motherhood and business and the role of a copywriter and how they...

Dec 8, 2020

Rachael is a mind and body coach and speaks about the importance of looking after our mental health within business.

*How Rachael went from self conscious to empowering others

*Listen to our stories on battles with mental health issues we have overcome


You can find Rachael in her Facebook group;

Nov 18, 2020

Katrina was a great guest, we spoke about her businesses out in Grand Canaria and how she deals with keeping herself productive, setting her goals and then how she breaks them down to make them manageable and reachable!


  • How Katrina came to live in Grand Canaria and how she built her business there
  • How she...