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She Makes Biz Talk

Nov 26, 2020

Laura Bland is a bestselling author, content creator, network leader and body confidence coach. Learn how her husband loosing a limb  became the driving force to the start of her business and body positivity journey!

*Learn Laura's steps to a body positive mindset

*Listen to her story of how she became a best selling...

Nov 20, 2020

In todays episode the inspirational Edwina tells us how she went from rock bottom to rocking it as number 1 in her business!

You can find the transcribed blog post of this episode over on my website, along with all the links on how and where you can contact me -

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Nov 18, 2020

Katrina was a great guest, we spoke about her businesses out in Grand Canaria and how she deals with keeping herself productive, setting her goals and then how she breaks them down to make them manageable and reachable!


  • How Katrina came to live in Grand Canaria and how she built her business there
  • How she...